Creative Stitches for Contemporary Embroidery

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It’s a book that will give you confidence in exploratory embroidery. It will show you how to manipulate embroidery stitches for myriad results, in ways that can be applied in all kinds of creative pursuits. It will make you comfortable with the stitch, and show you how you can take it beyond basics, to a completely different level of interest and execution.

If you were to break the book down into basic stitches, there are probably about thirty overall that could be considered different stitches from each other. These stitches are explored in depth, with all kinds of variations so that you have a good idea about what you can do with the stitch and where else you can take it.

Sharon presents the stitches through clear photos and explanations, making it easy to grasp the basics of the stitch and to move into interpreting the stitch in different ways. Once you get the hang of Sharon’s approach to manipulating and interpreting the stitches, you quickly realize that, really, you’re only limited by your own imagination when it comes to bringing new life to any embroidery stitch.

Interpretations are inexhaustible. Add a different thread weight, different fibers, different colors, twist the stitch in a different direction, add another element to the stitch – there’s so much you can do with one simple stitch, to achieve innumerable varied results.
It’s a good, solid book on stitch interpretation – both inspiring and instructive, when it comes to making one comfortable and confident playing with stitches.

You’ll quickly discover that embroidery stitches can be a fantastic source of creative entertainment!

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