Contemporary Applique / Julia Triston & Rachel Lombard

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This impressive book takes a fresh look at the world of appliqué and surface embellishment, showing you how to develop distinctive and individual designs, create exciting compositions and use unusual combinations of materials.
Appliqué is a classic embroidery technique that has recently been experiencing a revival. Appearing in the most cutting-edge contemporary textile work, it can be interpreted in many different ways – layering, patching, applying, overlaying – and offers endless creative possibilities. Each technical variation of appliqué has traditionally had its own set boundaries, but nowadays all the rules are being broken and the technique has become relevant, up-to-date and suitable for all varieties of textile art. 

It covers the traditional variations:
- bonded appliqué,
- broderie perse,
- cut-away appliqué and 
- Mola work,

Accompanying the techniques is a wealth of examples of contemporary appliqué to inspire you. 

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