Long Diaries, Tall Tales Auteur Maggie Grey

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Maggie Grey works on a theme of story-telling in her latest book. In some cases, there are travellers' tales to be told in the form of stitched, mixed-media panels that make up a diary of a journey. These are busy, bustling pieces designed to bring back memories. Myths and legends also feature in the book, telling tall tales. Ideas are shared on the construction of pieces and step-by-step sequences cover many of the techniques used. Some of these techniques are old favourites, others new but they combine to produce colourful pieces that could record many of life's special moments: the trip of a lifetime, a special event, a family history or a tall tale from your imagination. Photographs and inkjet prints give a very personal aspect and Maggie has lots of ideas for new methods for presenting them. These are augmented by small areas of stitching and this is a great way to use up the samples that we all have tucked away in the cupboard. Put together with the photographs, these provide texture and contrast for some interesting and rewarding pieces. In many cases, the panels act as a springboard for further stitched pieces - a useful bonus.

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