Landscape Surfaces by Julia Wright

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Discover the Art of Textile with Julia Wright

Julia Wright, a talented artist trained at the Edinburgh College of Art, brings over 20 years of teaching experience from Manchester, UK, and Australia to Eindhoven. With a passion for irregular shapes and simple forms found in nature, her textile pieces evoke glimpses of landscapes and coastlines without being figurative.

"I am always drawn to weathered, irregular shapes and the repetition of simple forms, such as clusters of barnacles and growth patterns of lichens. My textile pieces suggest snippets of landscape and coastline without being figurative."

Immerse Yourself in Julia's Natural World

In Eindhoven, you can immerse yourself in Julia's natural world for four days, experimenting with textile materials and techniques. These include wrapping and binding, couching, constricting, and embroidery, all aimed at creating colorful, textural, mixed media pieces inspired by close-up details in landscapes and coastal areas.

Choose Your Color Palette

Vibrant greens, rich rust tones, browns, stone grays, or neutral palettes can be chosen to create structural fabric and yarn wraps. You will explore ways to embed layers of painted fabrics and fibers with raised rows of bound threads, clusters of texture stitches, and metallic elements to add structure, detail, and focal points.

Bring Your Own Materials or Purchase a Kit

Participants can choose to bring their own fabrics and yarns in their chosen color palette. Alternatively, Julia Wright offers kits for sale with pre-dyed mixed fabrics and fibers, as well as a range of handmade metallic embellishments during the workshop.

Recycling and Reusing Found Materials

Recycling and reusing found materials is encouraged, aligning with the sustainable and eco-conscious ethos of Julia's art.

Workshop Details
  • Date: August 2024
  • Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Join this unique workshop and explore the fascinating world of textile art with the talented and daring Julia Wright. Immerse yourself in her natural-inspired creations and learn to create your own stunning mixed media pieces.

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