How to choose the right fabric paint

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How to choose the right fabric paint

An expert gives tips.

For those of us who don't have much experience working with fabric colours, it can be overwhelming to choose from the range of products available. Here, I list everything, so you know exactly what to buy for your next project.


What you need to know before you start.

It is usually best to use an acrylic paint. Acrylic colours are water-based, durable and wear-resistant. The paint has little odour and dries quickly.

Always use an acrylic paint that matches the ground. For this reason there are wall paints, wood paints and for textiles, textile paints.

Depending on your project, choose whether you want an opaque paint or a transparent effect and whether you want to use a thick or a thin paint.

Use liquid textile paint for larger areas. These paints can saturate a large area, making them ideal for painting a large canvas or piece of furniture. Also consider reactive paints to dye a fabric through and through.

Darker fabrics usually need a more opaque fabric paint and furniture pieces need a thicker finish. 

Choose fabric markers for a more detailed approach.
Textile markers give you more control over painting a specific area, which is why they are best suited to clothing and smaller designs on fabric.

Choose the right paint for your project.

Jacquard Textile Paints are known for their wide range of textile paints with different properties. Like Textile Color for light coloured fabrics, Lumiere for metallic and pearlescent effects for both light and dark coloured fabrics, Dye-na-Flow for silk and other light coloured fabrics and sets especially for tie-dyeing. For trendy colours, product details, content and product description visit the blue links.

Test first.

As with all fabric paints, you should test your design before fixing it to a final surface.
Textile paints are for interior decoration on cushions, furniture and curtains, and for upcycling or personalising clothing or fashion items.

Jacquard textile paints are ready to use. Work with brushes and use the paint straight from the pot. All colours and types can be mixed. 

Do I need to fix the colours?

When the paint is completely dry, iron the dye on the back of the fabric to fix it. Our washable paints are then machine washable.

Good luck and Have Fun!





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