Funky Groovy Tie-Dye Kit

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This kit is a great introduction to tie-dye!
The kit contains everything you need to dye or tie-dye up to 5 shirts (cotton, linen or rayon).

Contents: 3 colours of dye, red, yellow and blue, fixing fluid, applicator bottles, gloves, rubber bands and detailed instructions with the perfect tie-dye techniques for your projects.

How to tie-dye:

  1. Wet the garment and tie it with rubber bands.
  2. Dip your garment in Soda Ash Solution and mix the 3 dyes with water.
  3. Apply the paint, cover your work with plastic, rinse after 24 hours, wash, dry and enjoy!

With this Funky Groovy Tie Dye Box, Tie-Dye is so easy! Tie Dye - it's so fun!

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