Inspired to Design Art Quilts by Elizabeth Barton

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Awaken your inner artist with this hands-on, exciting exercise guide that takes you through the seven-step process to design successful art quilts. Celebrated quilter Elizabeth Barton shows you how to master every step, from finding inspiration to creating a design and constructing the final quilt. Before you know it, you'll be designing quilts that are real works of art, even if you've never studied art before. Includes in-depth sections on composing a design, working with color and value, and much more — turns quilters at any level into better quilt designers.

 if you are a planner you are going to LOVE this book! Even if you think planning isn't for you, I challenge you to give this a try. Elisabeth Barton takes you through these steps, from gathering up your ideas and inspirations to making the basic decisions about composition by choosing the structure, focal point(s), colors and values, evaluating those choices, and putting them all together. Exercises feature prominently throughout the book.

She shares her design process and the steps that she goes through to create her abstract translations of sketches or photographs, and also the techniques she uses to construct the actual quilts. The exercises provided here are valuable tools for seeing your quilts in a different way and understanding more completely how to apply the principles of art to your work as you are developing your designs. 

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