Folie Hologram

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Textile foil adds an exciting and unique dimension to the decoration of clothes and fabrics. Textile films do not have their own adhesive layer. The foil can be applied to the fabric in 2 different ways. For both methods, place the shiny, colored side up on the surface.

Cold method: Apply the foil to a sticky surface (double-sided tape, almost dry PVA glue, textile medium, etc.) Rub the foil with e.g. the back of a spoon. Remove the foil sheet and the metallic finish will appear on the surface that was tacky.

Warm method: Place the film over heat-activated glue (Mistifuse, vliesofix or glue powder, etc.). Cover the foil with baking paper and iron with a warm iron. Allow the foil sheet to cool before removing it.

Expand your design possibilities with textile foil to create a metallic glow on fabric.

size: 10 x 60 cm

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