Wax Pot Tixor Malam

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The Tixor Malam is a professional wax melting pot with a capacity of 0.3 liters. The shallow bowl of this electric batik pan can hold 0.3 liters of laundry. The pan has a stepless temperature regulator. This means that you can melt different waxes and keep them liquid at different temperatures. The temperature is adjustable up to 135 ° C. The smoothing of the tjanting or brush takes place on the inner edge. There are 6 openings in the no-drip rim to let the wax flow back into the cup instead of running down outside the wax pot and to rest tools / tjantings.
Thousands of ABIG wax pot TIXOR MALAM were sold all over the world for many years.

Capacity: 0.3 liters.


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