Textures from Nature in Textile Art by Marian Jazmik

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Nature is a focus of interest for Marian Jazmik and used massively through her work in textile art. This book Textures From Nature in Textile Art is her first published book. It comprises of content alluding to nature and how it can be used to create textile art pieces.
She say "Textiles are tactile, I love to create the heavy textural effects that are seen in my work and delight in the multi layers from the finest detail to the overall impression when viewed from a distance.’ Thus this books leaning towards a mixed media approach.

Marian uses original textile techniques using various heat treatments including the hotgun, soldering iron and the naked flame, in order to develop her highly textured art. She often includes household and DIY products in her work that would normally be sent to landfill and is keen to promote the message of ‘re-use’ and ‘repurpose’.

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