Tamponeerkwast Small

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Our handmade stipple brush is a brush with short bristles, suitable for stenciling or stencilling. The round bundle of short, hard bristles is cut straight so that all the bristles touch the surface at the same time. The brushes have a short, wooden, unprocessed handle.

Pad brushes are ideal for working with templates and printing on fabrics or other techniques. Use them beating on a rough surface to get the paint into the fiber properly. Use them spinning for a smoother, softer effect.

The larger the diameter of the tampon brush, the faster you can work. Use a small brush for templates with a lot of detail. When working with paintstiks, use multiple brushes for multiple colors.

We manufacture a large number of quality brushes for various purposes from different materials. Because a good brush makes an important contribution to the success of an artwork.

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