Mixed Media Textile Art in Three Dimensions Ann Goddard

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Fresh ideas and techniques for the rapidly evolving area of three-dimensional textiles. Leading textile artist Ann Goddard takes three-dimensional textiles to a new level in this practical book. Drawing inspiration from natural landscapes, organic material and a concern for the environment, Ann's work combines textile and non/textile elements with construction.

 Cloth, felted fibres, paper and rubberLinen, loose fibres, paper and yarn are complemented by seemingly unlikely materials including concrete, wood, lead and bark. Fragile is juxtaposed with hard, natural with man-made, beauty with imperfection. 

In this book, previously separate art media are combined to create eclectic works; boundaries are crossed, expectations challenged and categorisation rejected.
The techniques range from stitching, wrapping, couching, and knotting to sawing, drilling, and casting.
Beautiful artwork throughout from both the author and some of the best textile artists in the world will inspire every textiler and artist out there.
This book covers the ideas, design process and techniques that Ann uses, and encourages the reader to broaden their horizons in their textile work. 

About the Author

Ann Goddard is a renowned textile artist, part of the prestigious 62 Group, and an MA in Fine Art as well as textile qualifications. Her work straddles the boundary between fine art and craft, and has evolved through her background of studying embroidery, ceramics, and textiles within a fine art context. Most of her work is three dimensional, taking the form of mixed media constructions, assemblages and small installations. 

Review Mr. X Stitch
Featuring 50 artists from around the world, all of whom are taking stitch out of the 2D context, this book is an almost overwhelming collection of masterful work across the spectrum of stitch. The breadth of work on show is fantastic, with so many dynamic artists and remarkable examples of Textile art.
Each artist section explores their beginnings, their inspiration, their process and their practice with a ton of wisdom to be discovered. It’s really interesting to learn how artists create some of these amazing pieces and it’s great that the book demystifies these works some of which, quite frankly, baffle me in their construction.
If you’re a fan of embroidered art or exciting art, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of 3D Mixed Media Textile art. I cannot recommend it enough!

Industry Review
'Ann Goddard takes three-dimensional textiles to a new level... there's a wealth of interesting new ideas to try. 'A useful resource if you are looking for ideas on using or incorporating non-fabric elements in your work ... an absorbing and inspiring read' The Quilter.

ISBN 9781849946926
Subject Crafts
Publisher Batsford
Publication date 09/2022
Binding Hardcover
Pages 128 pages

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