Lutrador 30

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Lutradur is a versatile transparent synthetic fabric with a clear fiber structure. Lutradur is made from polyester fibers fused together in a random, web-like way. The material is deceptively strong, will not tear or fray. Lutradur can be painted, printed, sewn, shaped, layered, laminated and even molded. It can also be changed with a heat gun, heat gun or soldering iron.

Lutradur 30 is the thinnest version of Lutradur and suitable for techniques such as: stencilling, painting, inkjet printing, stencilling, stamping, folding, dyeing, basting, die-cutting, folding, weaving, dry felting, etc. Because it is so thin, it can be processed well in layers for special effects. Interesting for artists and designers,

Lutradur 30 is available in the size 100 x 100 cm.

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