SolarFast is dye, that develops in sunlight!

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SolarFast paint is light sensitive and develops color when exposed to UV light. SolarFast is used to create photograms, continuous tone photos and shadow prints on fabric and paper. It is also fun to paint with, screen printing, stamping, for batik and much more.

Shake well before use. Apply the paint to your surface with a brush, sponge or roller. While the paint is still damp, expose the design to the sun and watch the color magically appear. Any object that shields the sun (eg a template) or casts a shadow creates a pattern on the background. For example, use a film negative to take permanent photos on paper or fabric. After image exposure, wash the undeveloped dye with SolarFast Wash in hot water. Machine washing is recommended for dyed textiles. The fabric remains soft to the touch and the paint does not affect the texture of the substrate. Color development is not complete until after washing. The dyes can be diluted with water and can be mixed together.

Solarfast can be used on all natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, hemp, wood, ragpapers and more.

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