Jacquard Solarfast Film

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SolarFast film is a transparent film. The film is ultra-thin (1 mm), moisture resistant, and specially coated to make the best negatives with an inkjet printer. With SolarFast Film you can make photographic negatives for solar prints with SolarFast. You can also make film positives for screen printing applications.

Method: Choose a photo with a lot of contrast in your computer files. Edit this photo digitally with a filter to a black and white photo and then with a filter to a photo negative. Print this file on SolarFast Film with an inkjet printer. Place the printed film directly and flat on the surface painted with SolarFast. Expose the surface to the sun for 10–20 minutes. Wash the solar print directly with SolarFast Wash to complete color development and wash out excess / undeveloped paint.

A package of SolarFast Film contains 8 films in the size of 21.59 cm. x 27.94 cm.

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