Inktense Blocks Doos 12 stuks

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Derwent Inktense blocks are intense, water-soluble ink-based blocks that create a transparent, ink-like color. Watercolor Inktense blocks combine the brilliant colors of Inktense pencils with the freedom of blocks, making it easy to cover large areas very quickly. Use these Inktense blocks dry or add water to create deep, vibrant, intense color. Once dry, Inktense becomes permanent and you can work on it in layers without affecting the underlying layer. The blocks can therefore also be used on textiles. Ideal for loose, expressive landscapes and vibrant still lifes in unique quilting projects.

The blocks have the same properties as the Inktense pencils, and are ideal to use in combination with each other.

The tin box from Derwent contains 12 Inktense blocks in the colors sunset yellow, mandarin, poppy red, fuchsia, deep indigo, sea blue, teal, apple green, leaf green, baked earth, bark and ink black.

The possibilities are endless, the results amazing.

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