iDye Turquoise

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Idye is a hot water Dye that produces brilliant colors on any 100% natural fabric such as cotton, silk, rayon, jute and linen. iDye can be used on the hottest program on the stove or in the washing machine. iDye comes in a soluble package, so you don't have to work with loose paint powders. Simply dissolve the package in the dye bath or drop it in the washing machine and add the fabric. Then add some salt for cotton, rayon and linen or vinegar for silk to the dye bath. 1 Pack of iDye contains 14 grams of dye and dyes approximately 1.3 kilos of textile. You will find a detailed description on the inside of the packaging.

iDye is available in 30 beautiful colors.


Dyeing has never been easier than with Jacquard's iDye!

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