iDye Poly Orange

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iDye Poly dyes almost all synthetic materials, including buttons, Frisbee discs, 3D printed objects, toys, net curtains and poly-cotton blends. iDye Poly is the only dye that dyes polyester. iDye Poly requires high heat to achieve good color and must be used in a pan on the stove. iDye Poly is available in 16 beautiful colors. 1 Pack of iDye Poly contains 14 grams of dye and 14 ml of Color Intensifier and dyes approximately 1.3 kilos of dry textile. iDye Poly comes in a dissolvable package, so you don't have to work with loose paint powders. You will find a detailed description on the inside of the packaging.

Tip: For a mixture of natural and synthetic yarns, for example a poly-cotton mixture, use a bag of iDye and 1 bag of iDye Poly. You can even dye such a mixed fabric with different colors in the same dye bath, to get a very special effect. If necessary, use for painting. an old pan.

Dyeing has never been easier than with iDye Poly from Jacquard!


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