Gelli Plate Rond 8 inch

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A Gelli plate or Gel Press plate is a thin plate for making monoprints. The plate looks and feels like gelatin. Especially suitable for making prints on textiles and paper.

The plate has a super sensitive surface to capture texture and detail with templates, bubble wrap, grids, lace, leaves, flowers, stamps and embossing rollers.

For surprising prints, you can draw or paint freehand on the gelli plate after applying paint. Place paper or fabric on the plate, press it on the plate with the help of a roller and your first print is ready!

You can safely use carvers and gel cessories on this plate.

Gelli printing is playing with shape, structure and color and is very suitable for creating beautiful designs and abstract paintings, even without any painting experience.

The plate is durable, reusable, easy to clean, always ready to use and offers endless possibilities.

Non-toxic / latex free / vegan / cruelty free.

Includes container for easy storage

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