Fabric Manipulation by Ruth Singer

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This is truly an essential resource for all sewists! Set to be the new The Art of Manipulating Fabric, Ruth Singer offers a modern interpretation of fabric manipulation in this book, with hundreds of full colour diagrams. Discover and explore 150 creative sewing techniques including pleating, folding, gathering, smocking, quilting, trapunto and applique. Ruth explains her innovative variations of these traditional fabric manipulation techniques and offers inspirational project ideas demonstrating practical applications to create accessories and home decor. Photographs and illustrations are included to support the step-by-step instruction for each technique and all of the techniques can be done by hand or with a domestic sewing machine without the need for specialist equipment.

The book is divided into three sections:
• Pleat and Fold
• Stitch and Gather
• Apply and Layer

Pleat and Fold covers decorative box pleating as shown on the cover, with numerous variations, tucks and folds, ribbon folding, folded shapes and much more.
Stitch and Gather looks at how simple stitching can be used to manipulate fabric into gather shapes, including ruffles and frills, smocking, Suffolk puffs and shirring.
Apply and Layer includes many variations on appliqué, quilting, reverse appliqué, stitch and slash and more.
Nine finished projects are included in the book with basic instructions on how to make them, rather than step-by-step directions, so you can be inspired and create your own versions.

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