Drimarene K Scarlet

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Drimarene K is a modern, reactive dye for dyeing natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, hemp, rayon and silk. This type of reactive dye is more stable in dry and liquid form than other reactive dyes. The dye is optimally effective in the temperature range of 30-50° C. and has good color strength and good fastness properties. Drimarene K is suitable for dye baths, tie-dye, screen printing and painting.

Drimarene K is available as a granulate and not as a powder like many other reactive paints. This prevents spraying when preparing the paint solution. The dye dissolves easily, making it possible to dye fabrics evenly, even in the color red. Due to the great coloring power, this paint is economical in use and you only have 9 grams of dye per 200 ml water to make a stock solution. Once dissolved, these dyes remain active for a very long time. As an added advantage, you can easily rinse this dye and use less water.

The paint is available in 7 colors: Lemon, Golden Yellow, Navy, Turquoise, Scarlet, Magenta and Black. The dyes can be mixed with each other, both dry and in solution.

Content: 50 grams.

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