Brusho set van 8

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This set with 8 new composite Brusho colors complements the first set. The new colors are: sandstone, yellow ocher, lime green, olive green, moss green, terracotta, red rose and burnt sienna.

Brusho is a dye base in powder form (crystals). Brusho is highly pigmented and can be dissolved in water or other water based binders such as gum arabic. The colors are unique, transparent and can be mixed together.

Brusho is lightfast and a versatile painting medium. Use it diluted or in a strong concentration. Sprinkle it on a dry surface and then spray water over it or use damp paper and then sprinkle Brusho ove for expressive and surprising effects.

Ideal for card making, stenciling, scrapbook, watercolor painting, decorative effects on fabrics, monoprinting and much more.

Each jar contains 15 grams.

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