Basic Dye Green

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Basic Dye is the perfect color range for difficult to dye materials. Developed for acrylic fibers (e.g. fake fur, wigs, and cheap yarn), Jacquard Basic Dye Green is bright, beautiful, and easy to use. The powerful powder dye works great on wood and wicker, as well as acrylic fibers, most plastics, hemp, paper, leather, and more! Use Basic Dye to color potpourri, wigs, buttons, and weaving materials in vibrant and intense colors. Or make your own colored alcohol ink by adding alcohol to Basic Dye. Bright, beautiful, and easy to use in a pan on the cooker, dip-dye or brush! Essential tool for Cosplay artists!

Tip: Use 1-3% dye of the total weight of the material to be dyed. For black and brown, use up to 5% dye.

Content: 14,17 gram.

Download PDF with dye instructions here


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