Areo Color Turquoise Blue

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Aero Color is a highly pigmented liquid acrylic ink suitable for calligraphy, painting, sketching and many mixed media techniques. All colors are ready to use. Due to their fine pigmentation, they can be used pure, but they can also be diluted with water. The colors can be mixed with each other. The acrylic ink has the highest possible lightfastness, excellent adhesion properties on many surfaces, a satin matt finish and dries water-resistant.

Painters and hobby artists are enthusiastic about the various applications of these inks, which can be processed with brushes, liner but also with airbrush or the refillable Aerocolor ink pen on acrylic and watercolor paper, fabric, wood and even metal. Of course we have all 36 colors. Shake well before use.

Each bottle comes with a pipette in the cap and contains 28ml.

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