Colour in Art / Janet Twinn

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This beautiful book is for quilters who want a deeper understanding of how to use colour in their work, and the part it plays in a quilt's visual impact. It really takes the fear out of using colour.

Part One contains the practicalities:
* Colour theory explored through the use of fabric. Which fabrics will harmonize (or clash) with which?
* Invaluable methods for colouring your own fabric
* Tips on how to observe and record colour, including keeping colour sketchbooks and mood boards.

Part Two covers:
* Monochrome: how to create striking two-colour quilts, and how to introduce further colours
* A Sense of Place: how travel and observation can inspire your colour choices, which can be used to recreate favourite locations and memories in your quilts
* Colour, Light and Pattern: how to bring joyous light and colour effects to your quilts, including an understanding of tonal values in relation to pattern
* Colour Association: how colour can be used to create mood and atmosphere and to suggest a range of emotions from perfect calm to hectic turmoil.

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